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Vega's Anime Site

HI!This site is totaly dedicated to anime!I'm including descriptions and images of each anime that I think is cool!!!Theres not much here now but I'll make sure to have more up soon!!!
If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to E-mail me at pleeeease sign my guestbook!!!!

Every one or two weeks I'll be posting info on different anime series or movies!My series for this week(series 2)is my current fav,-Vampire Princess Miyu!!!!
To get the info on this series click on the link below!But for the record I think this anime is really cool!the charas are awsome and Miyu is really cute!I love the way she laughs.While the story line is about as definite as Tenchi Muyos this series is definately worth wasting those hard earned bucks of yours on!Its really cool and the graphics are really good!So what if one tape is like $20 and there are only two episodes....its worth it people!So now everyone go out and get your very own Miyu tape!!!!Yeah!sry-got carried away....

the picture to the right is Lain
the one to the left is of Ayanami Rei from Evangelion

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