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Tenchi Muyo!

TOP LEFT-group shot from left to right starting at top Mihoshi,Ryoko,Tenchi,Ayeka

Everbody Loves Tenchi!

The story starts with Tenchi trying to get the key to a cave that has been locked up for ages.After fighting with his grandfather he manages to get the key.He remebers his grandfather telling him of a great demon locked up in the cave and how his ancestor,Yosho,had banished the demon there.So Tenchi goes to thecave and to no ones great suprise lets out the demon-Ryoko!At first it seems that she wants Tenchi dead but you later find out that she is really in love with Tenchi and has been watching him all his life-even while she was in the cave.After that charachter after female charachter somehow appear on the scene-and they all love Tenchi!!!The main two rivals for Tenchis love are Ryoko and Ayeka-a Jurian princess who is also Tenchis great aunt but was time frozen so shes the same age as Tenchi!Sasami is Ayekas younger sister.
Tenchi Muyo is a great anime series and the story line is usualy hilarios!So you know the discription above is for the OAV series.There is also the TV series and the movies not to mention the Tenchi in Tyoko series!(trust me-theres a lot of Tenchi Muyo goin around!!!)