Vegas Vampire Princess Miyu Site
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Vampire Princess Miyu

Welcome to Vegas Vampire Princess Miyu site!!!Miyu is one of my fav. animes. The charas are soo cool and Miyu is just kawaii!Sad to say that through the first couple of Larva is wearing a mask but oh well...I hope you like my site!

TOP LEFT-Miyu TOP RIGHT -Miyu seen as she usualy is,protected by Larva BOTTOM LEFT-my fav image its of Larva and Miyu BOTTOM RIGHT-Miyu

The Story of Miyu

There was once a time when demons and gods where alike.But the demons called shinma where banished to the Dark out of human fear.Now the shinma have escaped from the Dark and are killing people by feeding of their life.There are some that will fight to get the shinma back to the dark-the vampires.And Vampire Princess Miyu is the story of one such vampire.She and her companion Larva-a shinma bound to her because he recieved her blood-work to stop the shinma and get them back where they belong.Miyu also gives immortality to those who realy want it-by giving them her blood and making them vampires.
Vampire Princess Miyu has awsome graphics and a pretty cool story line to go with it(no matter what those airheaded critics might say!)All-in-all I must admit this is one of my very favorite series.