Vega's Evangelion Site
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Below are images and a discrition from Neon Genisis Evangelion

top left:Shinji top right:Asuka bottom left:Ayanami Rei Bottom right:the angels(shito)


It all started with the second impact.History would say that it was a meteor that hit the north pole and caused the polar ice cap to melt changing the overall enviroment and resulting in out-breaks off violence such as riots and race wars...but that wasn't true...what had actualy happened was the discovery of a new creature.Scientists weren't sure if it was a mecha or biological.And they probley didn't want to get close enough to find out...they called them shito or Angels.These angels are what realy caused the destruction.They have a Absolute Terror Field(A.T.Field)and can take no damage until this field is distroyed and even if they did the A.T.Field would repair it.So a group of scientists-NERV-started research on how to destroy these angels and they came up with the Evas or Evangelion.They have not only their own A.T.Field but the power to disolve the angels A.T.Field but are extremely costly to build and only specialy trained pilots could work them(Evas are mechas so ya know).The three kids trained to fight the angels using the Evas are Ayanami Rei(the first child),Ikari Shinji(the second child),and Asuka Langly(the third child).All of them are 14.The story of evangelion is there mission to destroy the angels and bring peace back to Earth...